A 5,000 year old medical science from India, making it one of the oldest forms of healthcare. In Sanskrit, , Ayurveda translates to: Ayur meaning “Life,” and Veda meaning “Science”, translating to “Life Science”


Ayurveda respects the uniqueness of individuals by looking at body, mind and spirit. Through diet, lifestyle, herbs, treatments, yoga and daily routine. A holistic science with an emphasis on prevention and bringing about and maintaining harmony of the body.

In my practice, I start off with a consultation to help determine your individual body type and learn the imbalance that is occurring in your body; from there we will plan a treatment protocol and proceed with simple lifestyle enhancements, along with massage treatments. Treatments may include: Abyangha (oil massage), Pinda Sveda (heated bolice treatment), Udavartana (herbal scrub), Shirodhara (continuous flow of warm oil on the third eye chakra), Basti (medicated dough dam therapy), Pranayama (specialized breathing), and many more.